Saturday, 17 January 2009

op. 1

(photo) untitled

GAZA 2009

by winter moon

There is not the poem here.
So this is not a poem.
Where is the poem?
In the sticking?
In the spilling-out?
In the opening?

There is not the poem here.

Woman's eyes
A collapsing back
Scattered sandals
The silence of the sky

I cannot
and anger.

Snow in the night
is dizziness.
The Galaxy in winter
is tinnitus.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Haiku of Jack Kerouac(3)

(photo) citrus called Yuzu

Mule on the seashore
One thousand foot
Bridge above


■I was impressed with his imagination that envisioned one thousand foot from a mule on the seashore. However I cannot understand the reason " one thousand foot bridge", not " one thousand feet bridges" is.

Sound and Vision

Time - Pink Floyd

Friday, 2 January 2009

Haiku of Jack Kerouac(2)

(photo) doves at the Edo River

Apassionata Sonata
― hiballs, gray
Afternoon in October



■A happy new year.
I'm interested in the difference between the image of October in US and that in Japan. I cannot think October is a gray month. October in Japan is the month that has a clear large blue sky. The phrase "
gray Afternoon in October " , I think, has the same kind of feelings as " The October Country" by Ray Bradbury has. I was attracted by the combination of three nouns in this haiku.

Sound and Vision
John Cage Sonata V