Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Haiku of Richard Wright(60)

(photo) summer boys

Sun is glinting on
A washerwoman's black arms
In cold creek water.



Swimming out of the grass
― My bloody arms.

■Wright's haiku cannot get out of a common-sense world. I have examined his 60 haiku, and I found out he didn't have so many fine haiku. From now on, after I preselect his good haiku, I'll examine it. In the case of Hohsai, I have preselected his interesting haiku. It's natural I tend to appreciate his haiku.

Haiku of Ricard Wright(59)

(photo)summer festival

Gusty autumn rain
Swinging a yellow lantern
Over wet catttle.



A black umbrella-
Having been abandoned
For a long time.

■Wright's haiku has a beautiful scene, but it is common as a haiku work. On the other hand, Hohsai's haiku can make us feel the shadow of rain by showing an abandoned black umbrella.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Haiku of Richard Wright(58)

(photo)three girls

Heaps of black cherries
Glittering with drops of rain
in the evening sun.



My friend's summer hat
is new-
Shall we go to the sea?

■Right's haiku is too beautiful for me to find amusement in it. If the haiku was written as a part of a longer poem, such as that of Trakl, I could take it more natural. From the pont of view, though Wright's haiku seems to be completed, I think there is something missing. On the other hand, Hohsai's haiku has completed poesy. His haiku doesn't need any more words.

Sunday, 6 July 2008




I imagine time for no one
That vanishes in rain,
And that appears when wisteria flowers swing slightly.
It doesn’t have any history,
Any result, any function, and any space.
It is outside meanings.

I think I know
Time for no one is
One for Creator’s laughing.
We could hear it for just a moment.
And we could see it,
If a frog found out himself.
But no one has had that time yet
Without those who have lived against history.

I have been no one for time
For a long, long time.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Haiku of Richard Wright(57)

(photo) Even a cat in Japan looks Japanese.

Sleety rain at night
Seasoning swelling turnips
With a tangy taste.



I'm waiting,
Holding my hand to the surface
Of the night tree.

■Wright's haiku has some kind of sense of living, because his motive is swelling turnips. I feel HAIMI in his work which is the sense of human living and one of important factors in haiku. On the other hand, Hohsai's haiku has some kind of poetry. I feel he is not waiting for someone or something, but for himself.