Monday, 16 June 2008

Haiku of Richard Wright(56)

(photo)hollyhock blossoms

The cool green melon
Made me trace my forefinger
Along its whole length.



Just under the blue sky
I don't need
a hat.

■Nature causes both Wright and Hohsai to act. Wright traces his forefinger along a melon's whole length. Hohsai stops wearing his hat. I feel that Wright has some kind of desire and Hohsai doesn't have one. Hohsai also made the following work:
The way water flows
In the night
When murder has been committed.

This haiku reminds me the terror in Akihabara the other day. It rained on the following day. The rain in Akihabara must have appeared different from usual.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Haiku of Richard Wright(55)

(photo) A hydrangea in the rain

Shaking the water
Off his dripping body,
The dog swims again.


I find myself
On the beach with the dog
That has followed me without notice.

■I have seen the scene of Wright's haiku many times. In this way, this doesn't have novelty. However it is infrequent for a dog to swim again because dogs dislike water. This may be a rare case without a dog that is trained to save drowning persons. On the other hand, Housai expresses deep loneliness in dry humor. The lonely dog that followed the lonely man to get to the beach: it might smell the same smell in the man as its.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Haiku of Richard Wright(54)

(photo) early summer flowers

A September rain
Tumbling down in drops so big
They wobble as they fall.


The sounds of raindrops
On the first rainy day
In a long time.

■I couldn't quite see the scene of Wright's haiku, though I comprehend it is not a heavy rain. When here in Japan big raindrops begin to fall suddenly, it often become a heavy rain. "wobble" doesn't mean a heavy rain , but big drops fall while moving unsteadly from side to side. I can't imagine the scene. In the case of Hohsai, I can share his feelings of delight about the first sounds of randrops in a long time. It sounds attractive to me because I have experiences that it healed me when I was out of shape.