Monday, 15 February 2010

Haiku op. 139


(photo) cherry blossoms

blood from a small cut
by a A4 paper

Valentine's Day


ma grande folle de soeur said...

I love this one and the sakuras are already blossoming :) ohhhhh SAUDADE!!! Next year I wil come back to Japan, I swear! :) thank you

Winter moon said...

Thank you :-)) Oh, that's a good news.

I've looked for the meaning of saudade. It's a beautiful word, isn't it? That seems to derive from the Age of Exploration. I think it's close to AWARE(あはれ)in Japanese.

See you.

ma grande folle de soeur said...

well saudade seems to be a portuguese word that no other language can translate in his whole meaning... like spleen for instance... in french it is reputed to be near of nostalgie.... it can apply to persons, places ... it is the desire to be where we are not, to be with the person we lost or is far from us... :)