Monday, 7 January 2013

poetic fragments op. 37


There is a space of sunflowers under the neon of pachinko.
They are spindly, but have small-sized beautiful yellow flowers.
Night sunflowers are also pretty good.
The rover is running about on the Mars.
It’s so good.
Terrans are rushing about on the earth.
Only the sunflowers’ space
Is faintly still.
The neon
Makes the moon far.
The pachinko,
Poetry far.
The cicadas,
A home far.
Terrans are also returning today.
Loneliness is to have the home
To get back to.
All they turn violently to the other side.
Being refused by the flowers,
Fukuichi, Fukuichi
Under the neon,
Is the way of cats.

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