Thursday, 24 March 2016

poetic fragments op. 51


Only what I could say: uu
Because the new crop soba was too delicious on the bamboo steamer.
It could be all right to say “great!” or “fuck you!”.
But it’s uu that passed my lips.
I ate all the noodle.

The essence of uu
Cannot be expressed in words.
But it has a decent meaning: wonderful.
Also passes the lips
On ejaculation, you know.

Also at the deep end?
uu uu uu in the mind.
I feel full only from uu.

Sobayu (hot buckwheat water) please.
My looking at a menu
Before a soba shop,
Said a cute girl in a white overall apron,
Like miss Obokata,
Having a big Japanese radish.

It’s so okey
To enter the shop.

By the way,
What do I want to talk about?
Of course,,

About the sublime origin of uu.
Try to say the converse of uu.
It’s aa indeed.
Is it jeu de mots of A and UN?
This coming down.

Words’re innocent alienations.
If uu becomes uu(宇宇)
To a big gently-curved sword,
If uu becomes uu(羽羽)
To a hsien with winds.
If uu becomes uu(右右),
To ask God to help,
These never owe to uu.

Slipping out uu,
At that moment,
Mankind perfectly alone.

That’s a murmur by the cosmos.

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