Saturday, 16 May 2009

Haiku of Jack Kerouac(10)

(photo) early summer red flowers, in Matsudo, Chiba prefecture, Japan

The white chair is
holding its arms out
to Heaven―dandelions

■I can imagine the white chair is so comfortable. The auhtor may take a nap on it. The word dandelions is used effectively. The colour white symbolize the Heaven and his peaceful mind. And the dandelions seem to express the small but valuable happiness. In this way they are similar to violets that are often concidered as a symbol of familiarity and happiness in Japanese literatures. But Japanese haiku poets would write dandelion, not dandelions. The differnce is very interesting between the feelings of number. Japanese haiku tends to concentrate on the one thing, and English, German, and French haiku tend to express wide space in plural nouns.


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