Sunday, 24 May 2009

Haiku of Jack Kerouac(12)

(photo) azaleas, in Matsudo, Chiba prefecture, Japan

Dusk―the bird
on the fence
A contemporary of mine

■It's humorous and the author apparently feels familiar to the bird. His feeling resembles that of Issa, a famous Japanese haijinn in 18th century, who concidered small animals around him as his friends. He dindn't make a clear distinction between animals and human beings because he thought he could be reincarnated as an animal in the next life and the small animal that was before him could probably have been as a human in its previous birth. His thought was strongly influenced by the thought of the cycles of life in Buddhism. By the way, most Japanese people tend to believe in the though even now. It is true that is unscientific but the science has controlled, managed, and ruled the nature as tools, including human beings. We could have to use the science to coexist with the nature that has the same life as ours.

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