Friday, 11 September 2009

Journalism and powers

(photo) one of the oldest temples in Japan, in Kohyasan, Wakayama prefecture

At last the condition of a change of administration has been established in Japan. Many people, especially young people, have wished the day for a long time. Generally speaking, I think, the journalism often plays an important role in changing a government in advanced societies. But the newspapers in Japan have not had the ability to criticize drastically the powers yet, including political power, economical powers, and religious power. I've discussed this problem with a journalist and I've found that the Japanese own delivering system affects the journalism, that delivers a newspaper to each subscriber every morning and evening. Newspapers don't have to compete with each other at stands about their information vales and analysis abilities because the system ensure the stability of their managements. The ruling party, many businesses, and religious groups consider newspapers are one of the most effective advertisement media that they may inject big money into. Newspaper companies also consider the money to be essential to run. And they want to maintain and enlarge the system so that they come to conform to the majority of the readers. In this context, newspaper cannot criticize powers thoroughly. I think the role of newspapers is very important for the mature of democracy. How far can the cyberdemocracy deal with the issue?


Moja said...

This is a very interesting post. I think that people will get more choice when they start reading online newspapers.

I read four different news websites every day, and they all have different points of view.

The media plays a very huge role in influencing decisions in the UK.

However, many people feel that newspapers focus on sensational stories such as scandals and disasters.

They don't spend enough time on the issues that will affect us in the long-run such as the erosion of civil liberties.

We also get a lot of negative stories in the press. It will be nice if newspapers can put some happy and positive stories on their pages alongside the sad and negative ones.

Winter moon said...

Thank you Moja.

I agree with you. I think the journalism gives us a category by which we see the reality. It's wonderful to read many different news because we can notice the reality is not only one.

Your suggestion is interesting that most stories in the press are negative. We often feel the world is full of sad and negative events. But actually there are many beautiful, happy, positive moments in our every-day life. I hope too that newspapers cover these moments. And I think the media are haikus and poems that can express the moments deeply.

Winter moon said...

Sorry Moja.

Your suggestion→Your view