Sunday, 13 September 2009

SICKO(2007) by Michael Moore

(photo) one of the oldest temples in Japan, in Kohyasan, Wakayama prefecture

Sicko deals with a serious problem but is full of laughs. Michael's approach is new and interesting for using emails from citizens to make the movie. It could be effective for an influential and pressing problem like a health care system because everyone has experienced it and have their own opinions. Michael is pointing out many issues in the health care system in US seasoned with wit, humor, and sometimes black humor, comparing with one in other western countries such as Canada, UK, and France. Some people say Michael has anti-American feeling, but I think he is certainly one of the most patriotic persons because a fundamental criticism can advance a society rightly. He seems to ask us the questions which is important, human lives or money, and which should be emphasized, the profit of an individual or the happiness of a society as a whole. These questions must be meaningful for everyone living in capitalist societies.


ma grande folle de soeur said...

beautiful pictures! thanks for your visit & comments. I liked very much the haiku about the homeless people... Best regards

Winter moon said...

thanks a lot for your comments.

these pictures were taken in Kohyasan which Kukai(774-835), one of the most popular Buddhism monks in Japan, formed as a base of religious activity.

I've just started to write haikus in English. These haikus about a homeless man have been translated. I like the theme of these.

Best regards.