Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Bowling for Columbine(2002) by Michael Moore

(photo) hydrangeas, in Kouyasan, Wakayama prefecture, Japan

Fear, Media, and Money

This is an interesting movie. Michael Moore succeeded to show the key problem in the US by gun issues. It means the structural problem compounded of fear, media, and money. Fear is the engine to function communities in the US. Media and businesses stimulate the fear everyone has by nature to buy guns and bullets, and related goods and services for security. Fear is a key word when you think about the character of the US. The US has feared communism, black persons, and oppressed people. And government and businesses have used the fear to control people.

Media plays an important role in making the social knowledge about social events. People tend to believe in the information media provide. Because they don't have enough time and knowledge to examine it. Media doesn't pursue the truth, but good ratings and money. I think American way of capitalism is special from worldwide point of view. High society in the US thinks money and power are the most important factors in their lives. This way of thinking appears to be realistic, and most people are controlled by money and power. But money and power are produced by social relationships. I think the social relationships in the US isn't appropriate for the essence of human beings. The essence of human beings is, I think, more cooperative or should be more heplful.

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