Monday, 22 October 2007


In gray winter light,
Dead flies fill the window sill
Of a musty room.

(Japanese version)


(English version)
You are
An annoying fly,
Though dying soon.

■Wright expresses the scene of dead flies objectively. His work is almost subjected to dead silence, though traces of men remains more or less in the scene. The sight might be grotesque that dead flies fill the window sill. If the phrase " dead flies" was " a dead fly", the work could have politeness and loneliness. In the case of Hosai, he sees the death in a live fly. In this context, I consider Hosai's fly as one fly, not flies. That's why it is annoying. In other words, an annoying fly enhances the silence Hosai is forced to have, and then is gradually overlapping himself. Hosai doesn't talk to it, but himself: This work of Hosai is a monologue. I could see eternity and illimitable space behind it.

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