Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Poem of Shimizu Akira

Leaving in early winter
                      Shimizu Akira  

Leave, glowing for snow.
In perfect silence
From the heart of a cooling city, the dark silva
You leave, taking a breath.
In whatever splendid sexual love,
In whatever miserable night,
Wearing a burning coat,
Glowing for snow that falls heavily into lonely instinct,
You leave, raising your shining face.
However recall
That we are sometimes dogs with cruel eyes,
Dragging the chain of our inferior family tree,
And are life as if rats that build nests quietly in Asian frontier.
From such a place
We leave intently.
Sucking the sunset glow that quakes through snow silva,
We decide to leave for the depths of our body
For the first time and the last time.

(translated by Winter moon)

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